How can I update the firmware?

Please download the FlySimTech Programmer from GitHub. This utility is executable and does not need to be installed. It’s open source. Please follow instructions on the wiki page. Firmware files will be available for download on the product page.

How can I control & sync the backlight to the aircraft?

The device shows as a serial COM device to be connected to. Requests are sent in the format @18100/85=0.25$ where 18100 is the ID, 85 is the index and 0.25 a percentage value.
For MSFS, you can download FS2020-To-Arduino
The FBW A320 simvar is LIGHT POTENTIOMETER:85 with type Percent over 100
If there are other formats sent by other software, please reach out to us so we can add via a firmware update!

How do I map the Pedal Disconnect button?

You are able to map the button to anything the sim allows. In MSFS pedal disconnect is not currently modelled but in the FBW A320 they utilise TOGGLE WATER RUDDER