Nosewheel Steering Tiller

This nosewheel steering tiller is based on the latest A320Neo handle. The movement is carefully calibrated and tensioned with springs. This faithful reproduction will be available to purchase soon in both captain and co-pilot variants.


  • Tensioned 180° movement
  • Sprung push switch Off-Mom (pedal disconnect)
  • Anti slip base
  • Compatible with MSFS, X-Plane, Prepar3d
  • LED backlighting1
  • Plug & play HID controller
  • Single USB-C connection


Width: 135mm
Length: 180mm
Height: 95mm


1.0Initial release nw_strg_v1.0.hex
  1. Available with compatible aircraft in MSFS that expose the correct sim variable. Additional software necessary. Please see our support page for further info. ↩︎