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Since the begining of MS Fly Sim I have a dream of building my Fly Simulator Cockpit. There was a time that I simply consider the proposition to costly and technically almost impossible.   No matter how hard I tried to put the idea out of my head I continue looking for ways to bring my dream to reality. I can finally say that I am building my fly simulator. This web site is my way of sharing the experience and helping others that maybe thinking that this is to hard to do. Review a 737 Cockpit Design Diagram that I created and that I am using as my reference point for the cockpit that I am working on.
Research is the most important part of any project, without the proper research your project will fail. 

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Ready to fly cockpit setup that includes 

* Powered USB HUBS
* Components Software Drivers

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Desktop Aviator have saved me many hours of work and money with my project.

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Latest news

November 5, 2015


Check the new plans for a KING CAB COCKPIT.

We are always looking for what is new around  the world regarding Flight Simulation and we found this great plan for the building of a KING CAB from Ron Duckworth. The plan is detail enough to be included in our site. Thanks to Ron for this very detail document.

October 30, 2015

CESNA CUSTOMIZE COCKPIT: Follow the step by step process of this new build. We are using a  4ft by 2 ft panel where we are going to install SAITEK Control, radios and instrument displayis.
Our customer agree for us to share with you the step by step process of this build. We will include videos, photos and detail informaiton. Much more coming SOON!!


Try our new DISCUSSION BOARD. The perfect place to talk about new software, hardware and anything related to Flight Simulation. Here you can share with all of us your experieces while building your own Flight Simulator.


August 04, 2014

USB Switch:/strong> MIP: Added foam spacer between the MIP board and the monitors. Also glue packing foam to the MIP areas with switches. This is to prevent the back of the switches and lights from touching the monitor screen. 

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